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Steigen Socks (Size 5-12) Fluro Pink 1/4

Steigen Socks (Size 5-12) Fluro Pink 1/4

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Steigen utilises the highest quality materials sourced from around the world. Creating products with a specialised design tested in all conditions, Steigen has created an environment where blisters are less likely to form.

By reducing heat, friction and sweat, Steigen Socks give you the chance to perform at your best and to rise to the pinnacle of every challenge.

Unisex Size: 5-12

Additional Benefits:

  • Forefoot pad for comfort and durability
  • Arch supports
  • Lightweight fabric for fast moisture transfer and breathability
  • Microfiber nylon (80%) with Lycra (20%) for form fit
  • Airflow top mesh
  • Super flat toe seam for superior comfort
  • Ankle-crease reduction channels
  • Greater control

Materials: 20% Lycra, 80% Microfiber Nylon


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